AIR-CONDITION explores the potential of air. We want to make explicit the air as a part of our collective lives. Nowadays we are part of an air-conditioned system, a set of artificial atmospheres that make our lives possible; thus lose the strength of the links that entangle individuals, things, or air itself.

We want to create situations and atmospheres in which the air can be the “main character/performer”.

It may be necessary to ask again: where are we when we say we are in the world? What is it to be inside something? Does “to be somewhere” always mean to be in a sphere, in an atmosphere? What is the envelope of this space? Through which door do you get in and get out? What kind of air do you breath in this space?

Under these conditions, AIR-CONDITION aims to create actions that are based on the initial conditions of each context, both physically and conceptually. So we propose interventions that are starting points for potential situations. Making air explicit, also provokes the rearticulation of accepted categories such as body, the ‘self’ or collective; producing a shared habitat for the human and the non-human. At the same time, other ways of perceiving the much accepted division between culture and nature are suggested.

AIR-CONDITION originates from a joint work by Iñaki Álvarez, visual artist and performer, and Carme Torrent, who comes from architecture and dance choreography. After working on several artist residencies, share the project at Teatro de Campo Alegre de Porto, El festival SALMON '15, la FID (International Dance Window), at MACBA es viu and at CA2M in Madrid, a new project phase starts, where the project mutates in its members and its form.

This way, AIR-CONDITION also expands on other possible formats, generating several video works during 2016 - How has the air changed in Detroit?, El aire de Pradillo, or Buenos Aires, and collaborates with several people, including Carolina Lapa and Gil Ramos in Uma Cidade de 149.31 km2 - the version of the project presented at the festival Circular at Vila do Conde (Portugal). Following this idea, in 2016 at festival SALMON, Iñaki Alvarez works with Marti Sales in Respirar es arder, a series of interventions that take place at Mercat de les Flors, MACBA and MNAC.

The AIR-CONDITION exploring process, is always open and is intended to continue unfolding and questioning its own nature, in its tools, in its collaborators, and in its format. We think that is the intrinsic part of the air itself.

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