Festival Sâlmon 2016 - Respirar es arder

Festival Sâlmon 2016 - Respirar es arder

In The Dalkey Archive, the mad scientist De Selby created a chemical that could destroy all the oxygen on the planet and exterminate humanity, which he considered irredeemably lost. During his research he discovered by chance that it is possible to travel in time in a deoxygenated atmosphere and in this way he was able to converse, for example, with St John the Baptist. We aim to do a little bit the opposite: make the air that keeps us alive visible and extract the essence. We are also mad and think that humanity is irredeemably lost, but for the moment we do not want to exterminate it. Neither do we know what we will find while researching the nature of this element that makes us burn: Will we be surprised to discover the exact amount of CO2 we emit when we send an email? Or that there are a thousand and one ways of distributing leaflets? Will we count how many cubic metres of air are hidden in the ceilings of the galleries at the MNAC museum? Will we learn, finally, what Rayleigh scattering is, or how much fishing line was used by Núria Canal in her installation Uncover, exhibited at the Suñol Foundation in 2008?

AIR-CONDITION intends to underscore the role of air as a part of collective life. It is a matter of generating interior and exterior atmospheres and meteorological conditions in order to dispense with and reorganise accepted categories, with titles such as body, individual, collective, human, non-human, culture or nature. Its components and form make AIR-CONDITION a mutant project. On this occasion Inaki Álvarez and Martí Sales propose a series of interventions, Respirar es arder (“Breathing is burning”), which will be presented in various locations during the festival.

Respirar es arder will take place in different venues, times and formats of the festival::
—’Pa a l’ull’:permanent intervention at the Hall of Mercat de Les Flors during the whole Festival, with Núria Canal.
—’La captura de l’aire’: : itinerary through the permanent exposition of MNAC during the museum opening hours from the 24th of November to the 4th of December (Free if you present one of the festival tickets) and per-formative action at Sala Oval on Friday 30th of November at 17:00.
—On Sunday 3rd of December from 19:00 to 20:30 at MACBA, ‘Reading of the exciting and funny work of De Selby in the adjacent cozy room’. Tickets Macba
—On the 3rd of December at 22:25 performative action at the Hall of Mercat de Les Flors

Free / Macba - 5€

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